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Build Upon the Movement

Are you ready to join a community of super passionate, eco-friendly minds that are determined to help us spread the word regarding plastic pollution,  and most importantly the gifts of our own planet. 

Our planet has given us the gift of a straw in its purest form.  No need to mess with science while looking to find more innovative way to re-manufacture the straw. This only adds to carbon footprint while giving a false narrative of being "green".  Our earth straws are greenest straws on the planet hands down.

Together let's spread the word, create a movement, and drive change using our planets resources in its purest form.  APPLY HERE

One straw, One Step, One planet 

Holy City Straw Company Single Wheat Straw


1000 Consumer Purchases (100 or 500 Count) OR
10 Businesses (Reoccurring purchase of 6 months or More)
Consistently commited to spreading our company values, mission and product.  


10% Commission vs. 7.5% 
Exclusive branding Materials 
Branded email Address
Special promos and giveaways
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