100 count cocktail and tall Holy City Straw Company wheat straws sitting on a grocery aisle.

Are you a distributor, reseller or retailer that is looking to  increase your GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY product portfolio?

Our 100 and 500 count cocktail and tall straws are in stock and ready for your shelves.  Need a custom count such as 25 or 50. No problem.  Custom orders can be made to meet your exact needs of your customer or business. 

Pallets can be shipped directly to your warehouse facility and in the event you don't have one we can easily dropship the product from our warehouses. 

Feel free to fill out an application and a Holy City Representative will contact to determine if we are a good fit.


One straw, One Step, One planet 

Holy City Straw Company Single Wheat Straw

Holy City Straw Reseller/Distributor Application

We appreciate your interest in becoming a distributor/reseller.  Feel free to fill our the application for consideration and we will make sure we let you know if you are a good fit to partner with Holy City Straw Company. 

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