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Our wheat straws are the most eco-friendly and consumer satisfying drinkable straws on the market today. They are made directly from Mother Earth! Even better, our straws are  gluten, GMO and pesticide free and will naturally biodegrade in three to six months.
(They do NOT require commercial composting).

Wheat Straw Options 

Pink Cocktail with Blackberries surrounding the glass with a Holy City Wheat Straw in it


MATERIAL:  Wheat Straw Stem
DIAMETER:  4-6.5 mm
LENGTH:  5.75" 


HOME:  100 and 500
BUSINESS: 3000 (CASE), 6000 (Double), 9000 (Super)

Orange drink with limes in it with three holy city wheat straw leaning again it along with a straw inside


MATERIAL:  Wheat Straw Stem
DIAMETER:  4-6.5 mm
LENGTH:  7.75" 


HOME:  100 and 500
BUSINESS: 3000 (Case), 6000 (Double), 9000 (Super)

Unlike plastic and many perceived eco-friendly straw alternatives, our straws
won't pollute our oceans or destroy our precious ecosystems.

Simply put, it's the perfect straw!

Harvested wheat with a recycle logo overlayed on top symbolizing a waste product being reimagined


Wheat straws are made from reclaimed material left over after grain harvesting, with the leftover stems turning into our straws! This left over material would normally be burned, used as mulch or livestock feed. It completely sustainable and renewable during each harvest. 

A glass of holy city wheat straws inside a cocktail glass in front of a wheat field


Enjoy our straws straight from
the wheat farms to your glass. 

Multicolored large bundle of plastic straws with a manufacturing logo overlay-ed on top of the straws symbolizing that holy city wheat straw have zero manufacturing footprint. made by mother earth.


Unlike many straws on the market today, our straws require no additional resources to produce or compost, dramatically reducing the pollution footprint on the environment. Mother Earth herself is our machine! No dyes, glues, waxes, or polymers necessary.  

Eco Icon Banner showing that holy city wheat straws never soggy, zero waste, gluten free, 100% biodegradable and compostable, hot and cold drink approved along with being eco friendly

How our Straws are Prepared?

Wheat field with the word cut overlay-ed on type describing the first step in the cleaning process
Wheat field with the word
Wheat field with the word
Wheat field with the word

All of our farms adhere to food safety guidelines per the FDA and international food safety agencies. The straws are cut from wheat stems, washed four times using high temperature sterilization/salt water disinfection methods to remove any dirt and other impurities. No chemicals are ever used.  

Quality Control 

Great Plains Analytical Laboratory Logo with wheat field in the background

Gluten Free

According to the FDA, a food product must be less than 20 parts per million(ppm) of gluten to be qualified of Gluten-Free.  HCSC contracted with Great Plain Analytical Laboratory to test the gluten allergen level in our wheat and the result came non detectable with less than 2.5 (ppm) well below the threshold. Our straws are made from the stem of the wheat straw which is separate from the seed of the plant which contains the gluten.  

SGS logo overlay-ed a worker fertilizing a field of green plants.

Toxins, Heavy Metals, Pesticides

HCSC use SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company to test for over 25 of toxic heavy metal, toxins and pesticides as mandated by RoHS (EU). Each of these substances were non detected in our products.  

100 count box of Holy City Tall wheat straws next to a cup of straws
Holy City Straw Company Tall and Cocktail Straws in a straw holder at Bar with Drink alongside other bar top accessories
500 count box of Tall and Cocktail  Holy City Straw Company wheat straws next to a box open with a glass of straws.
Cocktail with a blackberry in it with containers of  tall and cocktail straws in the background
Open box of 100 count Holy City Straw Company tall wheat straws with straws coming out the opening along with a 100 count box of cocktail straws on top of it.
Holy City Straw Company Tall and Cocktail Straws in a straw holder at Bar with Drink

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