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EcO-Friendly Wheat Straws


The Plastic Free movement

Holy City Straw Company was established to eliminate single use plastic straws!

  • These days, eco-conscious consumers are driving change by buying more eco-friendly products.  

  • In the USA roughly 500 million plastic straws are used every day. 

  • Over 350 cities have  banned the use of plastic bags, with many of them also banning plastic straws.

  • Plastic straws are used once and then tossed in the garbage, which end up in our landfills and oceans, where they harm marine life and release toxic pollutants. 

  • When you opt for our biodegradable, eco-friendly straws, you’re reducing the number of harmful plastics that end up in fragile ecosystems worldwide.

  • Show your customers that you’re paying attention, and swap out your plastic straws or less desirable paper straws with a simple biodegradable alternative. A small change with big results.

  • Holy City Straw Company will donate 5% of all profits to the Charleston Aquarium's Sea Turtle Rescue Unit. 

our Eco-Friendly STRAW options

Wheat (Hay) Straws (our favorite)


  • Wheat straws are the most eco-friendly and customer satisfying single use straws on the market PERIOD. 

  • Straws are purely wheat, they’ll biodegrade in the compost and are 100% natural, preservative and gluten free. 

  • Sourced from FDA certified farms

  • Unlike paper straws, which get soggy quickly and can detract from the overall experience, our wheat straws will hold its strength and shape in cold or hot drinks. 

  • Does not require an industrial composting facility

  • Biodegrades naturally in less than a week

  • Our wheat straws are jumbo in width, and are almost 2x the diameter of current wheat straws on the market!

Plant-Based Straws ("PLA")

Corn plastics,  PLA is made from corn. they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

  • Our line of compostable straws are made from PLA, a biodegradable resin made from corn starch. 

  • PLA straws wont get soggy in your drink and are ideal for warm and icy cold drinks, water, coffee, soda, shakes, and smoothies.  

  • Our PLA straws are ASTM D6400-99 certified for compostable plastics.

  • The Current Challenge: PLA straws must be taken to an industrial grade composting facility to fully become an eco-friendly option. 

  • Our Solution: We have partnered with a local industrial composting facility to ensure that the straws get composted properly and don't end up back in our oceans 

why wheat straws are the most eco-friendly choice


  • Wheat straws are only 100% eco-friendly and customer satisfying alternative to plastic straws.

Why Purchase Wheat Straws from Us?

Competitive Pricing


  • At Holy City Straw Company, its our goal to supply the highest quality wheat straws at competitive prices.

  • We will not only price match any of our competitors, but our warehouse in Charleston allows for a cost effective distribution process to all of our customers. We keep costs down so we can pass on savings to you!

Best of Breed Wheat Straws


  • We source all of our wheat straws from FDA certified small to medium size farmers in South East Asia.

  • Unlike most wheat straws on the market today, our wheat straws are jumbo in width.

  • Our straws are 4.5mm - 6mm in diameter whereas our competitors straws are 3mm-4.5mm.



  1. Whether you are a household looking to increase your green footprint or a large nationwide restaurant group, we have a solution for you!

  • We offer boxes  of 100 straws, 500 straws, and cases of 5,000.

  • Larger bulk orders available

  • Our straws will soon be available across a large variety of online resellers and distributors or you can purchase directly from us.

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