Our Story

Two glasses of straw straws sitting sided by side.  One made by coporations and one made by Mother Nature

About Us

Holy City Straw Company believes it is time for change! Petroleum-based plastic straws are polluting our oceans, disrupting our ecosystems and contributing to the overall pollution of our planet.

We supply the highest quality and 100% eco-friendly drinkable straws made by Mother Earth. Our earth straws are the greenest straws on the planet.  Zero processing, zero manufacturing footprint!

The Greenest Straw on Earth.

Made by Nature.
Returned to Nature.
Zero Waste.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to saving the planet one straw at a time. One small step today can lead to a transformational impact tomorrow.

One straw, One step, One planet.

One Straw One Step One Planet Mission Logo
Planet earth surrounded by Holy City Wheat Straws simulating the vision to become the global leader

Our Vision

We strive to become the household name and trusted brand for eco-friendly earth straws worldwide, aiming to be the global leader in quality, value, and accessibility.

It’s our goal to be the straw company of choice for individuals, businesses and organizations seeking to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and greener footprint.  


We offer a variety of single use wheat straws that are unmatched in size and quality. Unlike many wheat straws offered on the market today, our straws are hand picked in small batches with diameters that are 30% wider than other providers to ensure superior drinkability.

Our straws are zero waste, 100% biodegradable and gluten-free

100 and 500 Count boxes of both Holy City Tall and Cocktail Wheat Straw on display
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Our Charities

Holy City Straw Company will donate up to 5% of all profits to the Charleston Aquarium's Sea Turtle Rescue Unit.

Each year, Holy City Straw Company will select a charity or group of charities that align with our mission of taking that small step that can lead to transformative improvements to the earth.  

Join the movement today.

One Step. One Straw. One Planet.

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