Allergy, Toxins, and Pesticides

Are your straws Gluten Free?
I am allergic to Grass and/or Hay. Can I still use these straws?
But these straws are made of wheat. Doesn't that mean there is gluten?
What about pesticides and toxins? Are these safe to drink out of?
Are your straws free of harmful toxic metals?

Shipping and Returns

When can we expect our order to arrive?
What is your return policy?
What is the Holy City Satisfaction Guarantee?


What is the proper way to dispose of wheat straws?
What is the breakdown time of your straws?

Subscribe and Save 

Does HCSC have a recurring ordering system where the straws are automatically ordered every month? This would help to streamline the process.
Can I cancel or modify my subcription at anytime?
Can I skip an upcoming order?


What are the origins of the Holy City Straw Company Name?


The wheat straws seem like they could be brittle. Is this a concern?
Will the wheat stem straw get soggy like paper does?


Do you have a "best price guarantee" or price matching policy?


Are the Holy City Straws available for wholesale?

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