6.7" Assorted Bamboo Cutlery Set | 24ct. (8 x Forks, Spoons, & Knives) – Holy City Straw Company
A package of Holy City Straw Co. eco-friendly bamboo assorted cutlery is on display. The box, which contains a 24-piece set comprising eight forks, eight spoons, and eight knives, emphasizes sustainable dining. The utensils are shown to the right, with one of each type — a fork, a knife, and a spoon — arranged in an overlapping fashion to showcase their natural bamboo texture and design.
Holy City Straw Co. presents their sustainable bamboo cutlery set against a soft fabric background, with a rolling pin partially visible. The set includes a knife, fork, and spoon, each boasting a natural wood finish. Icons underscore the utensils' eco-friendly qualities: 100% plastic-free, durable, 100% USDA biobased, and certified compostable.
Packaging and product display for Holy City Straw Co.'s bamboo assorted cutlery set, which includes 24 pieces: eight forks, eight spoons, and eight knives, all crafted from sustainable bamboo for environmentally conscious consumers. The box is crafted from recyclable materials and stands next to a sample fork, knife, and spoon laid side by side, showcasing their elegant and natural bamboo design
An elegant bamboo cutlery set by Holy City Straw Co., arranged on a wooden cutting board next to slices of fresh tomato and broccoli. Accompanying eco-friendly icons highlight the utensils' features: made from bamboo, 100% biodegradable, liquid/heat resistant, and zero waste.
Top view of a wooden table setting featuring Holy City Straw Co. brand bamboo cutlery, with a bamboo fork on the left and a knife on the right, framing a colorful bowl of fresh fruit salad containing strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and mango cubes. Above the bowl is a glass of red smoothie, and the Holy City Straw Co. logo with a wheat stalk icon is prominently displayed at the top.
Sustainable bamboo cutlery set from Holy City Straw Co., including a fork, knife, and spoon, multiplied by eight to showcase the full 24-count set. Packaging features environmental commitments such as '1% for the Planet,' and icons indicating the utensils are made from bamboo, heat resistant, durable, certified compostable, 100% biodegradable, and sustainable. 'Please recycle' reminders emphasize the brand's dedication to eco-friendly practices.
An array of biodegradable bamboo cutlery by Holy City Straw Co., neatly presented in three groups. On the left are eight knives with serrated edges, in the middle are eight forks with sturdy tines, and on the right are eight spoons with deep, rounded bowls. The company's logo is prominently displayed above the cutlery, emphasizing the eco-conscious brand.
6.7" Assorted Bamboo Cutlery Set | 24ct. (8x each)
6.7" Assorted Bamboo Cutlery Set | 24ct. (8x each)

6.7" Assorted Bamboo Cutlery Set | 24ct. (8x each)

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Introducing the Holy City Straw Company's 24ct. assorted disposable cutlery set, featuring our eco-conscious bamboo utensils! Crafted from high-grade bamboo, these utensils offer durability, water resistance, and natural antibacterial properties, ensuring reliability for all your culinary needs. With bamboo being one of the fastest-growing grasses on the planet, the cutlery is not only sustainable but also carbon negative, absorbing 5x more greenhouse gasses and producing 35% more oxygen than traditional utensils. Certified by the FSC for responsible bamboo sourcing, our cutlery is compostable and 100% USDA biobased, embodying our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Ideal for home use, gifting, on-the-go convenience, and events, these bamboo utensils provide a classy and unique touch to any occasion. Unlike plastic utensils that can linger in landfills for centuries, our utensils will biodegrade naturally, leaving no harmful chemicals or microplastics behind. Whether you're hosting a dinner party, attending a picnic, or catering an event, our bamboo cutlery set offers an elegant and eco-friendly solution. Choose sustainability with Holy City Straw Company's bamboo assorted cutlery set and make a positive impact on the planet with every meal.

  • Can be Used with Hot and Cold Foods
  • Cutlery Made from 100% Bamboo
  • Cutlery is 100% Compostable | Paper Wrapper is Recyclable
  • Individually Paper-Wrapped
  • Neutral taste
  • Plastic-free packaging

Box Contents:  24ct Bamboo Assorted Cutlery Set

Cutlery Set Contents: 8 x Forks, Knife, Spoon

Box Dimensions: 8.75” x 3.25” x 1.25”