7.9" Wrapped Skinny Reed Straws – Holy City Straw Company
7.9" Wrapped Skinny Reed Straws
Two colorful cocktails sit on a wooden surface. One is garnished with mint leaves and a dried citrus slice, while the other has a purple orchid flower. Both glasses contain cocktail skinny reed straws made from reed stems. Icons at the bottom emphasize that these straws are made from reed stems, similar to bamboo, durable, and paper wrapped for hygiene and convenience..
Product display of Holy City Straw Co.'s "7.9" Wrapped Skinny Reed Straws." It shows a central cardboard box containing 250 wrapped straws, flanked by two cylindrical wooden holders on each side: one holding multiple wrapped straws and the other containing unwrapped reed straws. The box and each straw holder feature the company’s logo and eco-friendly messaging, emphasizing the straws' biodegradable and compostable properties.
The image shows two people toasting with unique cocktails. On the left, a person holds a cocktail with pineapple garnish and a dried orange slice in a pineapple-shaped glass. The drink on the right, held by a woman, is a red cocktail with a rosemary sprig and salted rim, in a clear glass. Both are enjoying their drinks in a cozy setting with a teal background. The focus is on the drinks and their hands, suggesting a casual, festive atmosphere
A hand with nude nail polish is holding a cocktail garnished with lemon and lime wedges, olives, and fresh herbs. The drink is in a clear glass with a bamboo-like straw made from reed stems. On the right side, a list displays the types of beverages ideal for this straw, such as signature cocktails, iced beverages, mocktails, waters, Bloody Marys, teas, and juices.
A bartender is serving three colorful cocktails, each featuring tall skinny reed straws. The drinks have different garnishes, like rosemary sprigs and dried citrus slices, adding variety to the display. The bartender is positioned in front of a well-stocked bar, creating a stylish setting.
Two cocktails are held side by side, one garnished with a pineapple leaf and the other with a cucumber spiral. Both feature skinny reed straws. On the left side, a list outlines where these straws are commonly used, including restaurants, hotels/resorts, coffee houses, distilleries and breweries, catering and events, golf and country clubs, smoothie/vegan juice bars, and weddings.
A bartender is serving three colorful cocktails, each featuring bamboo-like straws. The drinks have different garnishes, like rosemary sprigs and dried citrus slices, adding variety to the display. The bartender is positioned in front of a well-stocked bar, creating a stylish setting.
Four friends raise their cocktails in a cheerful toast. Each drink is garnished with fresh fruit or herbs, featuring tall skinny reed straws for an eco-friendly touch. The background includes a person smiling and tropical upholstery, contributing to the festive and relaxed atmosphere.
7.9" Wrapped Skinny Reed Straws
Product packaging for "Holy City Straw Co." displaying their "7.9" Wrapped Skinny Reed Stem Straw" with a quantity of 6000 straws. The packaging showcases various certifications and eco-friendly attributes such as Carbon Footprint Certified, Zero Waste, and Biodegradable. Icons representing plant-based, compostable, sustainable, and renewable qualities are also visible. The package includes a QR code for easy reordering, a barcode, and detailed specifications about the straws such as diameter.

7.9" Wrapped Skinny Reed Straws

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Introducing the 7.9" paper wrapped skinny reed straw, a sophisticated and sustainable alternative for the foodservice and hospitality industry. These are a skinnier (5-7mm) version compared with our jumbo reed straws and are thus suitable for any traditional beverage or to-go drink.

Our line of reed stem drinking straws are made from the stems of the common reed plant (Phragmites australis), a naturally abundant, fast-growing plant that thrives in wetlands across the globe.  Reed is not only abundant but also biodegradable, ensuring that these straws leave minimal environmental footprint throughout their lifecycle. Furthermore, Reed plants are grown without the need for intensive farming, artificial irrigation, or chemical fertilizers. 

After use, our 100% plant-based reed straws will naturally biodegrade on land or at sea, leaving no traces of harmful chemicals, microplastics, or residual waste. This stands in stark contrast to plastic and some bioplastic drinking straws, which can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

This all natural, 100% compostable drinking straw are available in a 250 Pack of straws,   Case of 1500 straws or Master Case of 6000 straws.

🌿 Straw Length - 7.9", Diameter 5-7mm
🌿 Similar Characteristics to Bamboo
🌿 Paper Wrapped for Extra Hygiene
🌿 Certified Compostable by Compost Manufacturing Alliance (“CMA”)
🌿 Certified 100% USDA Biobased
🌿 100% Plastic & Bioplastic free
🌿 Fully Biodegradable on Land or Sea
🌿 Verified as PFAS Free by Center for Environmental Health ("CEH")
🌿 Minimal Carbon Footprint During Product Life Cycle
🌿 No impact on Downstream Waste
🌿 Plastic-Free Packaging